Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Not a Review: Where the hell have you been?

Wow, 9 days without a post. Apologies, of course.

Would you believe I was abducted by aliens who didn't have WiFi? No.

How about: remember me mentioning working High School: The Musical? Yeah, that's what happened. Whenever I go back to this particular theater group, I'm worked to the bone and treated worse than a slave working very very long days with little breaks and spending every last dime I have to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Since then, I have come down with a very bad case of Strep Throat, but cannot even receive medication for it because my university does not accept my family's health care plan (or so the receptionist claimed, since she didn't even bother checking and was a freshman at the school).

Speaking of school: I'm getting the hell out of NYU. I feel like this college is eating my soul. I started taking classes in fall 2004 and still haven't learned a single damn thing. My grades aren't as great as they should be because most of my professors decided that my major is the red-headed stepchild of NYU (it straddles between three different schools and that means we aren't actually people) so when it comes to curving the grades in the end, my major always winds being bumped down a letter grade (or three) to make room for more pure students. You would think that would mean the courses directly related to the major would be more accepting....Nope! Sine I'm not a tape recorder and refuse to parrot back word for word exactly what the professor or text book said and instead choose to show that I have actually learned the material by expressing the exact same thing in my own words, I wind up receiving lower grades than people who literaly sit there with the texst book on their laps during tests and copy answers directly from the books.

So, any suggestions for a great art school (interesting fact: I'm currently enrolled in a degree program for music and now wish to never formally study the subject again) with a program focusing on advertising or creative writing that I can fight my way into?

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